What is Raindrop PLC?

Imagine a device which takes best from Industrial Controller (PLC), Arduino (TM) and Internet of Things (IoT) concept… Well, you can stop imagining and take a look on Raindrop PLC

  1. Device control monitoring and programming is performed from any Web browser from any device through standard Home or Office network. Control is augmented using on-board inputs.

  2. Device is a versatile single board, so no need for soldering. Inputs and outputs are connected by standard, simple to use connectors. Switches, dimmers and sensors can be easily added by on the field. It is designed from start that electrician can set it up.

  3. It has Analogue and Digital Inputs like good PLC, but also Outputs with power regulation (PWM). This allows regulation of motor speed, brightness control of lights and even color adjustment on multi-color LED lights. Output power is over 100W at 24VDC, enough to drive gate motor, halogen lamp or relays for large AC loads.

  4. User interface is made in standard HTML, and installer or end user can adjust it according to own need. That makes localization and customization as simple and cheap as web site design.

  5. Automation script utilizes inputs, timers and web commands for autonomous work.

  6. Expected price of device will be under 20E per channel, and any skilled can set it up. It is primarily intended for installation in switchboard boxes and cabinets. However, since it is low-voltage device, you can safely use it in hobby projects, independently or as expansion to Linux device or small computer.